Monday, March 16, 2009

Unhappy Moderate Democrats Begin to Revolt

On NewsMax, there is this story, “Obama Faces Revolt From His Own Party.” Apparently, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda does not set well with the entire party.

"Democrats also have more moderate and more conservatives in their ranks and more issues that will divide them," said Andrew Taylor, a political science professor at North Carolina State University. "It's the cost of doing business."

This quote shows that these radical policies are beating up the Blue Dogs and other more moderate Democrats. In order for them to get re-elected or at least to get their phones to stop ringing needs to distance themselves from of the most racial ideas. Cap and Trade is one along with Card Check.

If you consider the united Republican House and partially united Republican Senate and add some of these moderate Democrats, Obama’s agenda has a serious problem. He loses the filibuster proof Senate and the House becomes more difficult to pass bills as well. This means that these policies will need to be trimmed down and moderated for them to pass.

There is another problem these radical ideas and this revolt. As the policies began to fail, there won’t be any political cover for the Liberal Democrats. If the moderates bail on the Liberals and the Republicans stay united, there won’t be one conservative or moderate Congressmen name on any of these bills or policies. The political fallout for the Liberals in Congress will be enormous. They could not blame anyone but themselves. They will try but won’t be able to explain it away as in the past. They could lose large number of seats in 2010 and have their radical policies only to blame.

So, we need to keep pressuring our Congressmen that we are not happy with what is transpiring in Washington. It is working and we need not to let up. We may not be able to do anything about Obama until 2012, but we can make it hell for him while he is here.


  1. Our nation is not in sync with the radical left. America is waking up to the fact that Obama is exactly what he always has been: a radical leftist. I can forgive the voters for not digging deeper to get past the lies that had been served up by the Democrat Media, but if we don't turn things around in 2010 and 2012, I'm trowing up my hands.