Thursday, March 19, 2009

Liberals Have Plenty of Radio Voices, Just No Ratings

On American Thinker, there is a great report, “Megaphone Envy and the Fairness Doctrine,” with a lot of great information comparing Conservative and Liberal radio.

After reading this, you will see that there is more than enough fairness with radio coverage for Liberal stations compared to Conservative ones. The argument that the Left makes that they do not have access or a voice on radio is a “straw man” argument. Even the diversity of ownership argument (Durbin Doctrine) is meaningless with this information. There are plenty of Liberal radio stations. This information shatters their arguments.

The ratings are a complete different story. This story shows that in major markets all over the country, people have a choice between Liberal stations and Conservative. They overwhelmingly chose Conservative, though. This has nothing to do with fairness or lack of accessibility. It has everything to do with freedom of choice.

I have said this so many times. No one wants to see, read, or watch the Liberal agenda day after day or hour after hour, not even Liberals. That is why their ratings are so low on radio and TV.

So, why are they attacking Conservative radio with these “straw man” arguments? The Left cannot stand that the Conservative message is getting out and that the “truth” is getting to millions of Americans. Remember, the truth always defeats lies.

So, instead of coming up with better ideas or telling the truth, the Left just wants to shut off our freedom of speech. This is the exact reason why we have this freedom, to express opposing ideas for better or worse.


  1. Yes the liberals do have plenty,two of which are tax payer funded,them being NPR and PBS.

  2. This is my favorite quote from that article:

    "Ultimately, liberals and the left don't envy the size of conservatives' megaphones; they fear the power of conservative arguments. "

    SO true.

  3. The Libs want to shut down Conservatives. As they fear our message.

  4. All of you are so right. Liberals fear the truth and facts. The truth is the Right's most powerful weapon.