Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama shows lack of leadership; Scraps missile defense

On Gateway Pundit, they have the report that Obama has offered to scrap our missile defense system we planned to deploy in the Czech Republic and Poland. We plan to scrap the deployment, if Russia aids in talks with Iran to stop their nuclear weapon development.

This system was to defend Europe from long missile attacks from Iran and possibly Russia. By opening this door to Russia, Obama has shown our enemies a weakness, which they will assuredly exploit.

Bush pushed for the development of this system and negotiated with European countries on its deployment. Poland and other countries signed on when Russia started to hassle Ukraine by shutting off gas supplies and invaded Georgia. All of this was in the last year. Amazing how short of a memory Obama has.

It has been reported Iran has enough nuclear material to make a nuclear weapon and has missiles with the range to hit Europe. Iran has threatened Europe, Israel, and the U.S. with annihilation. Iran said it will build nuclear weapons. They, also, said they would wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

In the face of both of these threats, Obama plans to scrap the only way our allies and we can effectively protect ourselves. By capitulating to Russia, Obama again has shown his diplomatic naiveté and lack of leadership. In the election, Obama displayed his lack of knowledge on how to handle Russia and Georgia. Now, as President, he is using a completely uninformed strategy on Russia who helped Iran develop its nuclear program and is asking them to help end it. Russia has more to win if Iran produces the weapons than helping the U.S. stopping it, especially with all the oil contracts Russia and Iran share.

By placing the missile system on the table, Obama has lost any leverage with Russia. Obama has comprised our relationships with the Western bloc countries, which Democrats have always disregarded. These foundling democracies are our allies and need our support and Obama has just left them for Russia to meddle in again, just as FDR gave them to Stalin at Yalta to the chagrin of Churhill..

This is irresponsible and shows complete lack of leadership on the world stage. Obama just gave up his biggest bargaining chip early and one that Presidents like Kennedy, Reagan, or either Bush would have not even offered. In one political blunder, Obama has proven he is not Reagan or Kennedy, but Carter or FDR—give in to the Communist early and often.

This capitulation to Iran and Russia shows them they can push Obama around and that he is weak and so naïve they can ask for even more. With enemies like these, when you give them an inch they will take until you forcibly stop them. Hitler, U.S.S.R, Hussein, Bin Laden, and the list goes on of examples of who you should and cannot not negotiate with. You cannot show weakness to these types of regimes or they will take and push until they must be defeated.

Obama has opened a Pandora’s box that he won’t be able to close. Again, he has displayed his hubris and naïveté, which embarrasses the U.S. and undermines our ability to protect our allies and homeland. I guess this more change that he promised us.


  1. The Obama Administration seems to favor world opinion over taking a stand on American principles.

    America should always be a defender of freedom and liberty, regardless of what garbage despots spew about us or how spineless Europeans have become.

  2. Obama and his new government are weak. Weak on terrorism, weak when it comes to defending America and weak on Israel. He stated he wanted to "remake America", and that is exactly what he is doing.

    I can tell you that physicians will rebel at the healthcare plan. They are already being told what reimbursements they can get for services rendered from insurance, medicare, etc. and that reimbursement is a fraction of what the normal charge is. Now they will be forced to do procedures that are morally repugnant to them, their salaries will be set, hospitals will be in even more trouble than many are already in.

    People/patients need to understand that the only way health costs will go down is when the government takes over and services are cut.

    The missile defense system is necessary. But Obama knucles under.

  3. We are doomed. Glenn Beck has it right, there will be some form of Armageddon either real or financial, to cope with under this poor excuse for a leader. When either happens, it will mean very hard times for Americans. God Bless Us All.