Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Should Love the Rich

With the vilifying of the AIG executives, something came to mind. Why does the Democratic Party demonize the wealthy? What is so wrong with people with money?

Before the 1930s, the wealthy were venerated. They were the people who created these great empires of wealth and contributed to society in countless ways. They donated huge sums of money to universities, churches, and health causes. They founded universities, private philanthropic organizations, and hospitals.

The wealthy founded influential companies and corporations that lead America to global prominence. They invented products, processes, and whole industries that became the cornerstone of America. They started the companies that provided steel, railroads, automobile, chemicals, energy, lumber, banking, and on and on without governmental help. They took insurmountable risks and Capitalism rewarded them.

Then, they reciprocated their vast wealth back to society, not because it was a tax write off or because they were forced to, but because they felt it was their duty. It was good for the public interest. It was the right thing to do. These great men of industry had honor. I would say they still do.

Now, I am not a fan of Wikipedia but the list of Robber Barons serves its purpose here. The list is just a small list of men that founded great industries and companies in America. Their legacies are mentioned as well. Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Vanderbilt are the well-known names but there are so many others. Think of your town and the streets and neighborhoods named after these men. Schools, buildings, and hospital wings are named for the wealthy as well. The list goes on and on. These men provide so much to their communities and America without being ask, but because they thought that they should.

When you look at another aspect, there is even more the wealthy provide. First, they employ workers and pay them competitive wages. This provides endless benifits to the society at large. These businesses provide goods and services used all around the world that aid the public interest. They purchase the products and services that start at a high prices, but as they purchase them, they drive down the prices so the less fortunate can afford them. Think of how plasma TVs, computers, hybrid cars, DVD players, etc. came down in price as these goods made it through society. The wealthy made this possible.

The point here is that the rich provide so much to our society and they are vilified. Why?

In the 1930s during the Great Depression, FDR used the wealthy to get elected and started something called class warfare. He used the same political tactic that Hitler, Mussolini, and Lenin used to take power.

They all vilified the have’s (wealthy, landowners, and/or businessmen) and won the votes or the support of the have not’s (poor, workers, farmers.) By splitting the society on the false premise that wealth is limited and playing these groups off each other, these leaders said they would take from the have’s and give to the have not’s, since there is only so much to go around. With the society splitting their votes and support, these leaders were elected or supported by the minority.

Gee, sound familiar? Look at what Obama and the Democrats are doing today.

This class warfare by FDR changed how America looked at their wealthy class forever. No longer were they worshipped but now characterized as greedy, ruthless, and dishonorable, even though they were not. Wealth was no longer look as unlimited and boundless, but as a limited resource that had a finite value. This was and is still completely false.

Look at Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Jim Walton. These men provide great products or services to the world and donate huge sums of money to countless causes. Yet, they are vilified for their greatest sin, wealth. Keep in mind, Abraham, David, Solomon, and Jesus to name just a few were extremely wealthy men from the Bible. I am quite sure they were not sinning and vilified for it.

As a side note, wealth is not a sin. Envy (covetness) is. That is what all this class warfare is. Think about it.

To this day, the Democrats use this Marxist tactic to create divisions in America to gain power. The have not’s fall for it every time, not realizing they are killing the golden goose. The wealthy provides jobs, services, most of the tax revenue, most of the donations to philanthropies, and countless other things for the common good of society. Most importantly, they create and generate wealth for the rest of us to use, earn, and aspire to.

So, the next time the Democrats start playing this Marxist game, remember that the rich provide jobs, services, products, wealth, and on and on to society. The government and the Democrats do the exact opposite. They ALWAYS destroy it.


  1. I would not say love,but we should inspire to be one of them and that we have plenty of them. For it is the rich that provide jobs,create wealth,and who's ingenuity keeps this country the greatest nation it is.

  2. I hate to nitpick an otherwise very thoughtful post. However, the Bible makes it fairly clear that Jesus was not wealthy. I'm not arguing your point that wealth is not a sin, it's just that this example, unlike your other examples of Abraham, David, and Solomon, doesn't apply.