Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama Unleashes ACORN

On Breitbart.com, there is this story, “Obama musters campaign army for economic fight.” Apparently, since Obama is losing the PR war, with of all people Rush Limbaugh, and with others jumping ship, like Jim Cramer, Maureen Dowd, Warren Buffet, and David Brooks, Obama has turned up his campaign machine.

Obama has sent out emails and has released a video calling on his supporters to lobby for his budget and economic plans. In the video, Mitch Stewart, the director of "Organizing for America" says:

"The pledge project is an ambitious effort to map out and identify support for President Obama's economic blueprint across towns and communities in America," Stewart said.

"We're doing that by asking people to pledge your support for the broad initiatives outlined in President Obama's economic plan.

"Once you do, we will ask you to build support in your own communities by forwarding this pledge by email, by knocking on doors and by making phone call," he said.

"We will show in every state, in every congressional district the hunger, for leadership and long range thinking that's in too short supply here in Washington."

“It addresses three of the most pressing challenges facing our nation: health care, energy and education," he said.

"That's the good news. The bad news is that as a result the special interests and the old habits in Washington will dig in even more.

"It's up to you to make sure that they don't stand in our way.

"By pledging and building support you will be taking the first steps towards establishing a nationwide grassroots network, neighborhood by neighborhood, standing side by side with President Obama as we bring about our agenda for change."

All of Obama’s campaign army will be attacking talk radio shows, blogs, Congressman, and anyone who they can influence or intimidate with Obama’s talking points.

Well, you know what thing means. This means war!

It is time for Conservatives to stand up to this intimidation and overwhelming attacks on the media and government by these grassroots, community, and special interest organizations. We must speak up and be louder than them. We outnumber them. It is time for us to put these radicals in their place.

Also, this shows that the Conservative message and the populist uprising all over the nation has Obama and his handlers scared. As I said, Obama is losing the PR war with talk radio and other Conservatives, so he is unleashing his "disciples" to try to squash this dissent. This will not work.

This is not only risky for Obama but chilling, as an American that a President is calling on his “supporters” to spread his agenda. The dissent all over the nation against these policies is palpable and now Obama is unleashing groups to counter this movement. The backlash against Obama’s disciples, the Democrats, and Obama could be huge. This type of radical move could prove to the moderate American that Obama is the true radical many think he is.

Again, Obama is proving to the rest of America how radical he is and proving how right Conservatives were about Obama and his Marxist tendencies.


  1. We can only hope that these moderate liberal members of the media will continue to "see the light." It would certainly help our cause to have a few of them on our side.

    The thin skin of Obama is starting to show. He's becoming defensive and angry at anyone who disagrees with him. Again, the more this happens, the better for the conservatives!

  2. I hope you are right and there will be a massive backlash. Thanks for stopping by today to take the Obama poll. I've just taken yours.

  3. LSM, that is nearly as funny as Obama saying that we need to reach out to "moderate" Taliban members.

    Ideology doesn't exactly breed moderation. We don't need them.