Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear Reader, Thank you.

I just wanted to take moment to say thank you, dear Reader. I have noticed that visitors and subscribers have increased recently. This is a pleasant surprise and you have not gone unnoticed.

You visiting and reading this blog is appreciated. I hope you continue to visit and spread the word to others not only about this blog, but most importantly, the cause of Conservatism.

Again, thank you and let’s continue the fight. Our way of life is at stake and our Republic is under assault.

Franklin’s Locke


  1. Keep it up. Remember, WE didn't vote for him. I say the people who did can own the giant burden of debt being cast on this great country of ours.

  2. Careful you don't pick up too many leftie trolls from Flopping Aces. I go through and smack them down a few times and they go scurrying to some other corner of the blog world to flout their ignorance.

  3. I just found your blog, and have bookmarked it. Keep up the great work!