Thursday, March 26, 2009

North Korea Tests Clinton and Obama with Missile Launch

North Korea is saber rattling again. This is nothing new for them and shows it doesn’t matter who our President and Secretary of State is. This rogue regime (a term Obama no longer uses) is going to test the U.S. and the U.N. at every turn.

North Korea “says” it is launching a satellite. Regional powers, South Korea, Japan, and others, say North Korea is testing a long-range ballistic missile.

One problem here is that no one knows what the truth is, because North Korea has lied in the past when they tested missiles. So, no one knows what they are doing. This shows how limited our intelligence capabilities are.

As a side note, this is why a missile defense system is so imporant. We need it to defend us and our allies from rogue regimes like this.

Now, this shows that you cannot negotiate with rogue regimes. They will always test other until they are defeated, not negotiated with. We have tried to talk to North Korea, since the Clinton administration about their nuclear program and technically have not ended the Korean War, which hostilities ended in 1953.

North Korea said if the U.N. uses sanctions for the missile test they would restart their nuclear program. Since they now have the nuclear program, they can use it as leverage. This is what Syria and Iran are trying to do.

North Korea has all this negotiating leverage with a nuclear program. They will now always use it to get what they want until someone calls their bluff or destroys it.

This is a huge test for Obama/Clinton on how to deal with North Korea. North Korea did this to Bush and would have done this no matter who is our President.

What is important to see is if Obama/Clinton has the diplomacy savvy to deal with North Korea. The Left criticized Bush on North Korea no matter what he did. I will hold mine to see how Obama deals with them.

This serious though. Japan is “freaking out!” The missile trajectory goes directly over them and everyone is worried about what is on top of the missile. Obama/Clinton has their hands full with North Korea and the region as tensions rise.

We really need to stop catering to these regimes. North Korea has all this leverage from the mistakes for Carter and Clinton. We need to stop sitting down with them and talking. It just empowers them. You set our demands and conditions. Give these regimes these conditions to talk and deal with us. Then, go from there.

But, this is not how the Left uses diplomacy. You do the opposite of what Obama has done with Iran. You don’t lend a hand to our enemy to talk. You are in a position of weakness then. When they say no, which is what they did, you are now compromising your leverage and look weak. The Left’s diplomacy capitulates and shies away from confrontation. It shows weakness, which is not what the United States stands for.

Here is the story from Fox News


  1. Hmmm, lots of questions in this blog. First and foremost.... Doesn't really matter whats in the missile.
    1) Its a satelite (just like our DNI says it is) Now we better start by defining what a satelite does. Already knowing that DPRK has nuclear capabilities....I don't think we want them to have eyes in space.
    2) Its a warhead. This is pretty straight forward and Japan is right to be worried. Remember...the taipodong they fire can hit Hawaii and Alaska too.
    3) Its a missile test just to see if they can make it into space and test the international communities will to respond.

    This isn't just a test for USA. Its a test for Japan, S.Korea and China. Most important....its an historic test of cooperation. Im completely confident that we will succeed. How we respond to North Korea will set the bar for Iran, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela. BTW....I don't define a superpower by its military dominance (ie; Nukes) but by its contribution to a greater good. We can stand right now and say no to countries with hostile intent and those that choose to feed them with nuclear/biological technology.

  2. If N. Korea wants me to believe this is just a satillite, then I gotte some beach front property in Arizona for sale.

    What I want to see is how the mighty one handles it. My hopes and confidence are not high.