Monday, March 23, 2009

Tea Parties are growing; the People Want to be Heard

This weekend Orlando had a gathering of 4,000 American exercising their First Amendment rights. It was a beautiful sight. The Founders would be proud. There was a story in the Orlando Sentinel, but, nothing really mentioned in the mainstream media.

Unlike Americans marching peacefully in Orlando expressing their disdain for the all the spending and deficits in Washington, maybe 40 angry Leftists with ACORN expressing some anti-American thuggery showed up at some homes of AIG executives. This, of course, is all over the media about a small few, envious groups targeting private citizens over their salaries. They are falling for this lame class warfare ploy by the Left.

This Tea Party drew as many as the Cincinnati Tea Party last weekend. There was a story in Cincinnati Enquire. Again, the media has ignored this gathering of another 4,000 Americans protesting the excesses of our government.

These Tea Parties are growing and spreading all over the nation. They are planning simultaneous marches on Tax Day, April 15th, which is a great idea and symbolic. Then, there is Glenn Beck and his “We Surround Them” and his 912 Project. He has over 190,000 members and growing.

These exemplify how Americans have had it with their arrogant and hubris government and their irresponsibility. This crosses party lines, classes, races and occupations. We are all mad. Obama said he would unite us and he did—in opposition to him and his policies. And, this is great thing, as long as it stays peaceful and orderly.

When you look at how the AIG employees are treated and then look at Orlando, Cincinnati and so many other Tea Parties, they’re huge differences. We must take notice and learn that the AIG protestors are not what we want to become. We want to march and speak our peace about the “government,” not private citizens who just doing their job.

Another interesting point, the Left high jacked the peace marches in the 1960s. The Communists infiltrated and subverted many of the peace groups and filled their heads withMarxist tripe that many, such as Bill Ayers, still believe and preach. Conservatives lead these Tea Parties. They are preaching the principles of Reagan, Goldwater, and others. Ladies and gentlemen, this is irony.

We are peacefully marching and chanting limited government, less spending, and lower deficits. We are demanding the founding principles. We are demanding American values.We want our government, our nation, and our freedoms back from the overbearing government.

Just, when you heard the RINOs saying the GOP needs to change and look to moderate. Just, when the critics say the GOP is in trouble, dying, without a voice, and without a leader. Just, when they said the “Age of Reagan” was dead. Boy, I think there have been at least 8,000 people in the last two weeks who have a voice and know what they believe. They don’t see the GOP dying and they are Conservatives who know what they believe.

I remember only a month ago people were lost and did not know what to do. People did not know how to stop what the Liberals are doing to this nation. Since then, moderate Democrats are breaking from their leadership and the GOP in both Houses of Congress are united. The moderate Democrats are standing up for fiscal responsibilty, gun rights, proper debate of cap and trade and healthcare reform. The People have spoken and have been heard.

Remember, we outnumber them. Only 4-8% of America is the far Left. We who 60-70% are Conservative leaning or solid Conservative. I am not a betting man, but I like those odds.

So, what we are doing is working. We need to still keep spreading the word. We still need to explain to others Conservative principles and values. We can show that they work and Liberalism doesn’t.

We still need to march and gather to show Liberals and the government we no longer are going to take this. We need not be the thugs who are vilifying AIG. We need to stay peaceful and lead by example in how “true” Conservatives act and believe. We need to show how we lead our lives and that the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bible still means something.

We run this nation, not them, and we are taking it back.


  1. There will be a Tea Party in West Chester PA on April 4th, from 1PM - 2 (?)
    Additionally there' sone planned for center City, April 15th.
    Come one and all!

  2. American tax payers have had enough,and want to be heard.

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  4. Great Post. Very important observations. It is amazing to me how the MSM is treating this story. The "anti-AIG" ACORN crowd was outnumbered by the media, but the Tea parties are ignored. It's journalistic malpractice.

    The MSM can ignore us but the local media are taking note and Obama and friends are worried. Keep the pressure on!