Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama's Teleprompter on the Blogoshere

It is true. Obama's teleprompter is blogging at

This is great post. It is absolutely hilarious. You must visit and support them.


  1. Great link to the teleprompter blog. I am waiting for the television program that sets up three cameras at a press conference. Two in a direct path between the teleprompter and the President, and a third from the view of the audience. Every time he turns his head the tele-camera can soom in to show him looking right at the prompter, then zoom out when he turns back. It would be quite distracting and very entertaining.

    The prompter makes Obama look like his completely connected to his audience while feedback from live events show that it feels as if he isn't even there.

    Good stuff.

  2. No kidding. When he speaks, you can tell he is looking at the teleprompter and not the audience. He looks like a robot and not human anymore.

    What makes me mad is that I did not come up with blog idea. If they set-up their blog right, they could be making a killing right now. It was on Drudge all day and Rush talked about it. The traffic they received today would have been huge.

  3. Nice link. I would laugh,but it just do damn true and sad to be funny. To call this guy an amateur is to insult armatures.