Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Betrayal of America's Left

There was a great post on, “The "Judas syndrome"...why liberals love to betray America” that gives a great history of Liberals and their betrayals of America.

This shows that today’s type of Liberalism has been a thorn in America’s side since 1930s. Keep in mind that Woodrow Wilson during the 1910s was much worse with bringing on the Income Tax, revolutionizing our academia, and beginning the idea for what would be the United Nations, naming only a few things. I could write an entire post on Wilson and how he was beginning of the Socialist Liberal in America, but I digress.

This type of Liberal not only brought on everything that is mentioned in the piece but also assaulted us domestically. FDR revered Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin before WWII because of their incredible economies, well-run industries (socialized), and apparently efficient societies. There was a monument in NYC to idolize Mussolini, well, until WWII. The Left, including FDR, was part of this admiration until it was discovered what all them were doing to their people, such as the Holocaust and gulags in Siberia.

There can be a case made that all of FDR’s social programs began the idea that the government could do all these things for the People and the assault of personal responsibility began. The assault of the wealthy class that we see today began under FDR, as well, and he used this along with his social programs to try to create a new country (sound familiar). FDR did not waste his crisis and reengineered America He socialized part of it.

Not only was FDR a Socialist nightmare, but then LBJ came along and put FDR’s programs on steroids. His “Great Society” programs attempted to fight poverty and reengineer America. LBJ gave us programs like Medicare, Medicaid, federal education funding, Head Start, National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities, Public Radio and Television, uraban mass transit, and so much more.

All it did was create an entire class of people dependent on the government, which won’t, could, but won’t try to better themselves, because the government will tend to their needs. Personal responsibility took a huge hit with these programs and Liberalism changed America again during another social crisis, the civil rights movement and riots.

I could go on but the point is made. When America faced crises, Liberals took the moment to attempt to save America but at the same time change it. Socialize it. Take some freedom and liberty away. Betray its principle and values. Reagan, a Conservative, did the opposite. He saved America during a crisis and gave it back some of its freedom, liberty, and principles.

So, now we have Obama and today’s crises. Again, the Liberals are trying to save America and try to change it. They are trying to socialize it. They are trying to take liberties and freedoms away. Amazing, how we repeat history when we don’t learn it. The piece shows all the foreign policy blunders while this shows many of the domestic ones. All in all, Liberalism betrays American principles and values and has been doing it for a long time.

The following are snippets of examples from the post of how so many of Liberals’ actions have affected the course of American history and betrayed America and her interests:

Neville Chamberlain was your classic liberal appeaser. He had served as British Minister of Health from 1924 to 1929. After he become Prime Minister in1937, he too surmised Hitler as invincible, and called for an appeasement foreign policy, culminating in the signing of the infamous Munich Pact in 1938, selling out Czechoslovakia to Germany, and along with that --the Skoda Works.

The Munich pact enabled Hitler to realize his most coveted European objective-- Czechoslovakia's famed Skoda Works. It was the worlds largest armaments factory; it produced heavy guns for the Nazi navy; heavy mortars and the fearsome M-42 machine guns for the Wermacht (German army), as well as locomotives, aircraft, ships, machine tools, steam turbines, and equipment for Germany's power utilities.

In October of 1977, Turner decided to curb many of the clandestine practices that had brought the CIA much of its criticism from the liberal members in Congress, which were led by Idaho Senator Frank Church. In the" Halloween Massacre" of '77, Turner circulated an Oct 31st photocopied memo informing 800 CIA staffers (mostly Republicans) of their dismissal. To the joy and disbelief of our enemies, word spread quickly around the spy community that the U.S. had decided to delegate its intelligence priorities to non-human means, such as satellite observations and listening posts.

It has been noted by many historians that..."Stansfield Turner has been the single worst senior appointment in US history... and..."In eliminating virtually all human intelligence on the ground, he put the U.S. at a strong disadvantage, especially in the Middle East and Afghanistan."

Whatever his intentions, what Carter (and Turner) accomplished amounted to aiding and abetting the enemy, which resulted in our humiliation in Iran in the 1979 hostage crisis, the Russian war in Afghanistan in 1980, and the bombing of our marines’ barracks in Lebanon in 1982

And thanks to the liberal insanity of Jimmy Carter's dismantling of the CIA, we’ve lost control of our destiny in the Middle East-- giving impetus to the revival of Islamic fundamentalism-- which ultimately gave rise upon the world's stage to all of Islam's most infamous stars...Khomeini, Arafat, bin-Laden, Akmadinejad, and untold others -- including the 20 airliner hijackers who were responsible for 9-11.”


  1. Now we have the Lightbringer with his Libtard ideas. God Help Us!

  2. This is a very insightful, and thought-out blog. Highly intellectual in some of your posts, also.

    I would like to point out that I think that if you study Andrew Jackson and his political career through his time as president, you will agree that he was the father of modern liberalism.

    Also, I think we can compare obama's foreign policies with those of Chaimberlain's post Sudetenland policy.

    He is willing to sell us up river, pun intended, to make others like him (us?). The suggestion of giving up a missile defense system in Europe.

  3. @bluepitbull

    Thank you for the compliment. It is much appreciated. Saying Andrew Jackson is the father of modern Liberalism is very insightful. I can see you point, especially since he expand elections to all white men, not just land owners, and wanted to abolish the electoral college. It was all about the “common man” with him.

    His Liberalism compared to todays is night and day, though. At least, Jackson was still basing things on the Constitution and American principles and values. In comparison, Wilson was an outright Socialist, well; he called it “progressivism.” Call it what it was; it was Socialism. I would say Wilson is one of many turning points in recent history where Socialism took control of the government and usurped the Constitution and outright took people’s rights, freedoms, and liberties.

  4. You forgot one,Alger Hiss and his brother,both worked for FDR,and were communist spies. If I remember right,Alger Hiss's code name was Liberal of all things.

    The left see American as a broken system,with too much freedom for the people,and not enough control by the government to control the people.