Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama's Great Welfare State

Obama and the Congressional Democrats have just passed their “Spendulous” Bill. The bill drastically “transforms” (Pelosi’s term, not mine) America. It spends over $12.4 billion of PORK! (See Right Voices and my blog Obama is Worried about Deficits NOW?) Many have opined what the ramifications of the socialized medicine, undermining parental authority, and massive debt that’s in the bill.

Well… there is the regressive welfare in the bill, also. On Flopping Aces, they explain what has changed in more detail. Briefly, the bill eliminated the reforms that the Gingrich Congress did the 90s. The reforms the American people demanded and the Conservatives promised and delivered are GONE.

So, states now get incentives for everyone they add to the welfare rolls. Also, the incentive for having more children has returned along with other regression of the welfare reforms. It is an abomination to the American dream that the government offers incentives to receive entitlements from the government. It creates a class of non-producers that doesn’t generate wealth for the society or themselves. It makes an entire class slaves to the State.

It is exactly what the Liberals and Obama want to do. First, they want to make it impossible for anyone to cut taxes and limit the government in the future. By creating QUADTRILLIONS in debt, no one can cut taxes and be fiscal responsible; therefore limiting governmental entitlements and programs will be impossible. The government’s power will be entrenched in our lives.

Then, by expanding the entitlements and benefits from the government, the Democrats can buy the votes of an entire class of people. The enslavement of these people guarantees and cements their power for a generation, as FDR’s programs did in the 1930s. It is irrelevant if the plan betters America. It is all about their power and keeping it at all costs—even at the cost of freedom, liberty, and America’s future.

The problem is that they don’t think enslaving the lower class and doling out taxpayers dollars to the less fortunate is bad for them or America. They call it compassion and charity. Conservatives and Libertarians and the Founders would call it theft and Socialism. They don’t understand that eventually the wealth runs out. The wealthy will eventually become poor or they simply leave. Look at Hungry, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, West Germany, U.S.S.R and countless others of the past, Read Atlas Shrugged.

And, they call themselves progressives. Quite regressive, isn’t it?

So, Obama’s grand plan with the “Spendulous” bill is to create such great debt that no one can cut taxes and reduce the government’s power again. Then, fund his programs. Finally, he will grow government programs to offer entitlements to so many people that the Democrats will have a voting class for years, entrenching their power. After that, they will be able to do anything they want politically and still get votes, because no one would vote against the Democrats who would have gave them everything they have and could take it away.

Hello, Nanny State. Hello, tyranny. Good-bye freedom, liberty, and America.

Hey Obama voters, is this the “change” you voted for?


  1. I love your Blog!!! Please remind me to add it to Libertarian Republican blog roll.

    And thank you for featuring the greatest human being who ever walked this planet: Thomas Jefferson.

  2. Eric,

    Thank you for the compliment. I like your blog too. I love for you to add me to your Blog Roll.

    Thank you for your service, sir.

  3. Obama is going to destroy this country if we allow it.

  4. Thanks for your comment at Flopping Aces. I'm a big fan of John Locke as well. For me he edges out John Stuart Mill, though it's close.

    Keep up the good work. Thousands of blogs just like yours have the same impact as a single