Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama is Cutting the Budget and our Security

Since this weekend when the story broke that Obama plans to cut the deficits in half in four years, there has been plenty of speculation in how he will do this. Actually, there are plenty of things he has said he will do that he hasn’t. This being another, but he will try and the first thing in his attempt to cut the deficit will be cutting defense spending. In Atlas Shrugs, there is an interesting memo about defense budget cuts.

Then there is this reminder in what Obama will do to our defense budget:

So, thatis how he will start to cut deficits at the cost of our security. At least, we will have lower a deficit when our homeland or one of allies are attacked. This is a naïve, careless and an irresponsible way to balance a budget in a time of war and when the world is at danger from terrorism and rogue nations attempting to acquire nuclear weapons.

In addition, what type of leadership does Obama show our allies and our enemies when he is weakening our military when our enemies our taunting us and strengthening theirs. He is showing none. This is like the your local police department laying off officers while crime rates soar and local gangs opening taunted the police.

For example, North Korea and Iran are attempting missiles launches to provoke their neighbors. Both are threatening to acquire nuclear weapons. The Taliban is threat in Pakistan/Afghanistan region. Parts of Africa are in chaos and being taken our over by terrorists. Russia is threatening its neighbors. The list is endless and Obama is going to cut our military budget. Irresponsible! Dangerous!

But…really what could happen? Check this out:

You make up your own mind.

Spread the word that our Republic, our world, is in danger.


  1. Sometimes I have to wonder if Obama is trying to sabotage our nation.

  2. RightKlik,

    Exactly how much more evidence do you need for you to stop wondering and become convinced?

    Obama either knows exactly what he's doing - namely tearing down this great country, or he's the world's biggest moron and he's still tearing down this country.

    Does is matter which one it is?