Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obama’s Political Tsunami

If in the last few weeks since the Inaugural of our “esteemed” President, you may seem overwhelmed and shocked by Obama’s political moves. Well… you are not alone. It seems since taking office; many of his choices he has made have infuriated the conservative base and have left the moderate Democrats scratching their heads. Many say this proves Obama is over his head and has taken a position he simply cannot handle. It is said that these decisions are proof he is “clueless.”

Well…I would say they are wrong. I have not forced myself to read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals yet, but I can imagine that the tactics that Obama is currently using he learned from Alinsky or derived these shrewd tactics from him.

It seemed during the General Election, that McCain really could not pin down Obama on anything. Well...until Obama slipped up himself and talked to Joe the Plummer. Everyone called McCain’s campaign inept. Now, it seems Republicans and Conservatives cannot pin him down either. Is talk radio, bloggers, Fox News, and Congressman inept? I doubt it.

Obama overwhelmed the media during the primary and general elections with so much information that they could not process it. He did not mention or draw attention to any of it. Why bring it up, if they won’t? I wouldn’t! Would you? By ineptness, laziness, or sheer lack of desire, the mainstream media did not process all of it. This left prolific questions unanswered and crucial issues unresolved. Many still today!

Obama continues with this tidal wave tactic of information and creation of so many issues today.

In the last few weeks, he has done the following:

Appointed countless extremist people to positions
Closed Gitmo without any future plans for the inmates
Stopped the trials of terrorist suspects
Changed abortion policies
Passed a spending bill as a stimulus bill full of countless liberal programs
Allowed Democrats in Congress to continue their despotic rule over both houses
Said he will push his global warming policy
Said he will push his gay in the military policy
Said he will talk to Iran
Said he will talk to Russia and cut our nuclear arsenal
And…there is so much more… There is so much that I forgot!

Is this a man over his head or someone doing something intentional? I say it is intentional! If you read blogs, listen to talk radio, read columnists, and watch the news, they are ALL chasing their tails. They are all running in so many different directions, chasing story after story, and not following up on any of them. Everyone is overwhelmed with so many of his shocking moves and cannot cover ALL of them. So, many have forgotten about Daschle, because they so upset about the Stimulus (Spendulous) Bill. Has anyone called for Charlie Rangel, Chris Dodd, or Barney Frank, James Murtha, Harry Reid to resign over their improprieties in office? NO! So, many have forgotten about Hillary Clinton’s conflicts of interest and are upset over Obama’s suggestion to limit our nuclear arsenal. Again, there is so much that I am overwhelmed and have forgotten. He is intentionally overloading the system, so he can do what he wants behind the scenes.

So, what to do? Tell him to stop! Well... of course not! We need to keep the pressure on our government. We need to stay vigilant. If we don’t, we will lose our Republic before our children can inherit it.

If he wants to run us all over the place, FINE. We can do the same thing. Remember he is naturally arrogant and naïve. He has proved this over and over with his decisions and statements. He has angered the Right already. It took only a few days in office. This could be his next “Joe the Plummer” moment. It was best to leave the sleeping dog lie but he poked the bear, and now they are riled. His “ingenious” moves have united the Right at moment. If he continues with his extreme policies, all he is going to do is outrage them to point they are going to be a thorn in his political side for the rest of his administration, as they were for Clinton. He has underestimated the Right and the power they hold.

Now, we need to prove that power the people possess and will not relinquish. We need to keep writing to our representatives at all levels of government and tell them what we think and want. We need to keep writing our blogs and exposing the TRUTH. We still need to call talk radio shows and bring up important topics. We need to talk to our family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. We need to spread the word. No one else will. When they push us, we need to push the government back (peacefully and responsibly.) They work for us!

While he marches toward Socialism, and the mainstream media stands quiet and marvels at his ingenious political prowess, WE, the people, need to take back what is rightfully “ours”—our Republic. Let Obama try to overwhelm us, we will not go into that quiet night. We will overwhelm him with our voices. We must stand up for what we truly believe for our nation. It is ours not his.

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