Thursday, February 19, 2009

Unrest! People have risen up!

The people have heard his speeches. The people have heard his words. The people have seen his actions. He is the great unifier. Obama has reunited the nation. He has reunited us under the U.S. Constitution. The people have risen up on his words. AND…we are MAD!

Check out these links:

Rick Santelli from CNBC: The Chicago Tea Party

Dobson High School government students

Michelle Malkin and Kansas marches

Obama has successfully united the Right and now the Right is converting people to their cause. They have seen enough and heard enough. The people are seeing their freedoms, liberties, and property being taken away from them. They will not tolerate it! The citizens are marching in the streets and speaking out, and it is about time. The sleeping bear has awaken!

Now, we, the People, need to continue the protest of the President and his suppressive policies. We need to tell our Congressmen, our friends, our families, our newspapers, and to anyone who will listen and spread the word. Peaceful protest and speaking out will reap great awards. The rest of the nation can no longer ignore us and it is time to have our voice heard. The media can no longer ignore the dissension. If we speak loud enough and long enough and we are right about our beliefs, they will hear us.

Thank you, Mr. President. Please continue touring America making your speeches that infuriates America. Congress, please continue telling us, the “chattering” class, that we don’t care and forcing us to fund your regressive programs. Government agencies, (FCC, EPA, etc) please continue trying to rip our liberties away. You will not prevail. We will. Every time you do these things, you raise the ire of the People. The People rule this nation, not you. We want our power back and we will have it!


  1. I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and if is great! I sent the link to everyone I know.

    Keep up the great work.

    Concerned Citizen
    New Orleans, LA

  2. @ Concerned Citizen

    Thank you for the compliment and spreading the word...