Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama, the Narcissistic President

With Obama speaking to the masses tonight, every one is discussing how Obama will handle the many issues we face. Everyone is discussing how the speech will sound—hopeful or dire. One point that I haven’t found but is coming to surface again is Obama cult of personality.

This was mention on the Right Truth, where she discusses Obama narcissistic tendencies and mentions an article on New Media Journal. This is a very interesting read in trying to decipher why and what Obama is doing. Some have said Obama is getting revenge on how HE perceives the poor and minorities are being treated in America. It is much deeper than that. What Samuel Vaknin writes about Obama is more enlightening and terrifying.

While Obama is speaking tonight, we need to remember what kind of person he is—what kind of leader his and becoming. Much of this speculation of his personality was just speculation, since no one had seen him lead anything. Well…we have now.

By reading these other sources and considering his leadship in the last month, they explain a lot in why he is acting the way he is and why he is doing what he is doing. He is a narcissist.

It is obvious he is arrogant. Now, his cool attitude becomes quite disconcerting and not reassuring. He doesn’t seem cool; he seems disconnected and even uninterested about so many issues. His lack of comprehension of key facts or desire to learn them now can be explained by personality. This is how narcissist act.

What is even more alarming is that the trend of narcissists to create false realities that they think are real which creates a sense of paranoia. Adolf Hitler, David Koresh, or Jim Jones of Jonestown comes to mind when this is described. His unbelievable policies of stimulating the economy by spending and cutting the deficits by raising taxes can be the beginning of this. His policies do defy common sense and reality. What happens when the citizenry doesn’t agree with him? What happens when reality sets in, and it becomes obvious that these policies generate the exact opposite of their general intent—higher deficits and a deeper recession? What will be his reaction?

I don’t believe Obama is Hitler, Stalin, or Hussein. But, Clinton or Nixon would not be reach who were narcissists as well. Both would devastating for our nation at this point in history. Could you imagine what Clinton or Nixon would have done after 911? Now, can you imagine how Obama is going to react when his faux reality comes crashing down? Scary. We will soon find out.

There is a bright side to a Narcissistic President, however. Clinton and Nixon both destroyed their party’s power and created a void in their power for some time. Obama will destroy the Democratic Party of a period time with these absurd policies. Hopefully, during the void in Democratic power, Conservatives will inherit the nation and have enough time to fix everything Obama breaks.

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  1. Obama is nothing but a narcissistic shell filled with pure lust for power.