Monday, February 16, 2009

Why Socialism is so Dangerous

So many people today throw the word Socialism around without really considering what it really means. Socialism is the opposite of what America stands for. It is the antithesis of what the Founders planned for this nation. It is in essence why we fled from Europe in the 1500s and 1600s and why we fought the Revolutionary War. The essence of Socialism is why immigrants flooded Ellis Island fleeing Europe and illegal immigrants risks their lives today crossing the U.S.-Mexican border. Socialism is the lack of freedom and liberty. Socialism limits both to control its people and its economy while we are for freedom for both.

When this country was founded, the Framers had a choice between the ideas Adam Smith, David Hume, and John Locke--free market ideas (capitalism)-- or the Old World ideas of mercantilism The Framers chose capitalism because is exemplified the founding principles of America—freedom, liberty, and ownership of private property. Capitalism placed the power with the people and not the government, which mercantilism did and socialism does today. This choice of freedom allowed this nation to grow and prosper and become a beacon to the world—“a shining city on a hill.” It exemplified what is “good”. It exemplified true freedom. It still does.

Our free markets and our people’s freedom are one in the same. One cannot be without the other. When the government interferes with either it affects the other. For example, when the government taxes the people or business excessively, it drastically affects the freedom of what they can or will do. Socialism limits both its people and the economy; therefore, it impedes their ability and desire to create anything.

Not only did our Founders have the wisdom that we should have free markets and a free people, but they also saw the enormous benefit of the people having private property rights. This allowed the people to generate great infinite wealth. Wealth that we still create today. Socialism is the opposite. The State eventually owns the property. All the property. Eventually, the State controls everything—without personal freedom or liberty for the people.

We, as a country, are losing the sense of our roots. We are forgetting what we stand for. We are losing our freedoms. First and foremost, the U.S. government must promote liberty and private property rights—not limit or control them. Private property is not just physical property, such as land, but ALL property, such as businesses, money (income and profits), intellectual, and so on. In accordance, the government must advance capitalist (free market) principles. Capitalism creates endless wealth for all indiscriminately. Capitalism sustains the freedom and liberty of the Republic.

In the last few months we have, not just slipped, but raced toward Socialism. Any form of socialism retards economic, social, and personal growth throughout our society. Just look at Norway, Russia, France, Cuba, and list goes on. Socialism in any form limits freedom in countless areas. This impediment of freedom and liberty limits creativity, creation of any wealth, and free will. Socialism is not just economic but infests all parts of a society.

Socialism seems in the short term a great idea. It soothes whatever economic ailments are immediately felt--job losses, bankruptcies, limited funds, etc. However, in the long run, without the freedom of personal creativity, creation of any wealth, and free will resources begin to crumble and waste away. There is not any incentive to create anything since it does not benefit anyone but the State. Eventually, there is nothing left. Again, look at Russia, Cuba, China and others.

Now, if Socialism is so horrible, why are we racing toward it? Throughout history when events of turmoil and tumult arise, such as an economic collapse, governmental turmoil, or social unrest, Socialism seems to be the best support during the trying times. It soothes the immediate ailments of the time. Such examples are Russia of 1910s, Germany of the 1930s, Italy of the 1930s, and U.S. of today.

The problem is that, although the immediate ailments may seem soothed, in the long term the people eventually end up in much worse circumstances. Take the prior examples of Russia, Germany, and Italy. All of them went from a national socialism, the government owing major industries, to a dictatorship (tyranny), which is the natural progression. All them ultimately went to war and in time collapsed in absolute ruin. By looking at Socialism in this manner, it seems not only immoral but also definitely anti-American.

The fact is that Capitalism naturally has it up and downs—its cycles. This is how it naturally cleanses itself of weaker participants of the system, such as our car companies or the financial companies. It is not only natural, but it is painful. But, it is humane. It is better for the economy and the people as a whole to have failure. It is better to have tried and failed than to be falsely supported by the government with a faulty product or industry. It is better to try, fail, and then find something better than to keep doing more of something that does not work. This is what one with common sense would call waste—something the government is very good at.

So, as the U.S. government buys into its industries, it is practicing Socialism. It is propping up industries that need to learn from failure. It would be the best for the economy as a whole, if they failed. By flirting with Socialism, the U.S. is undermining its core principles and marching toward the economic and social models it abhors and has called evil in the past. Tyranny.

As more Socialist principles are incorporate into the U.S. economy and government, the people will lose more and more of their freedom, liberty, and happiness. If we do not stop this now, the U.S. could become the next Russia, Germany, or Italy on the dust heap of history. All of this would be because we left our core principles of freedom, liberty, and ownership of private property. All of this would be because we would not take a little pain of a recession. All of this because the people listened to a few people in the government who want more power and control for themselves and less freedom for the people.

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