Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama Bullies Congressman DeFazio

"Don't think we're not keeping score, brother." That's what President Barack Obama said to Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) in a closed-door meeting of the House Democratic Caucus last week, according to the Associated Press.

This must be what Obama meant by bringing a new kind of politics to Washington. Between this intimidating quip along with “We won” and “I would not be listening to Rush Limbaugh,” Obama is expressing a new politic is Washington. It is thuggery. It is intimidation. It is new in Washington.

Is this the “change” you voted for?

What is amazing is that all DeFazio, a Democrat, did to receive the ire of Obama was to vote against the stimulus bill. This bullying was not needed since Obama had all the votes he need for it pass.

So, why would he be concerned about a Congressman from Oregon? It is strange unless you don’t read between the lines. Remember Obama is a narcissist. Think how Nixon or Clinton handled traitors like this. A narcissist won’t tolerate dissension within their ranks. The narcissist must control of everything and everyone and have everything meet their reality.

So, Obama and others will be attacking anyone who dissents from the Democrat’s Marxist agenda. Party affiliation is irrelevant. They will not tolerate it. They are arrogant and drunk with power and want complete assimulation of everyone to thier backward idelogy.

Along with this direct intimidation, the Democrats are working with many Leftist groups to attack their own along with the GOP. Obama is using the tactics of Mussolini, Hitler, and Lenin to keep everyone on the Party line. He has his “brown shirts” pushing his agenda all over the country. If one must use this much muscle to promote an agenda to convince its citizenry, then there must be something wrong with it, especially when after all this thuggery, the People still are not convinced and are against it.

According to Karl Rove in WSJ:

“Senior presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett and her chief of staff, Michael Strautmanis, are in regular contact with MoveOn.Org, Americans United for Change and other liberal interest groups. Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina has collaborated with Americans United for Change on strategy and even ad copy. Ms. Jarrett invited leaders of the liberal interest groups to a White House social event with the president and first lady to kick off the lobbying campaign.”

Obama is still campaigning and pushing his agenda, because no one is buying it. Reagan and G.W. Bush did not have “brown shirts” or did not have to do all this propaganda. The People are not “drones,” lemmings, or disciples. This is why the Founders gave us the power and not a few elitists. It is quite evident with the Tea Parties and the polls.

The citizenry are awakening and are taking back out country from the Marxists


  1. The libs thought Nixon had a long enemies list, Obama has enemy files. I am sure Rahm "the fish" Emanuel does.

  2. As soon as you quote that lying jackass Karl Rove on anything, you've lost the argument.

    And frankly, based on how you use the term Marxist, it's clear you have absolutely no idea what Marxism even is.

  3. Obama has it all backwards. We his boss. He should show more respect for America, and save the tough-guy talk for the rest of the world.

  4. Dave Geary,
    Got back on your medication and off the computer.

  5. The next step for the Leader is to utilize ACORN and union thugs to suppress dissent throughout the country. His brown-shirts are an important part of keeping the country under His control.

  6. Partially true Dave Geary. It's not JUST Marxism, it's Stalinism. So now if you start seeing DeFazio's face missing from his family photo's and old news clips, you will know.

  7. Hitler would call anything he didn't like Marxist. Trying to paint your opponent as bad as possible is the "big lie" concept of facism.

    That trend has been noted in how this blog operates: everything he doesn't like is a Marxist.

    If you have ever been inside the corridor's of power you would know these types of conversations occur - to differing degrees - every day. I can't say Bush was the worst, but he was just as bad as everyone else.

    The author of this post has a one view of everything that is going on in the world: redistribution of wealth (ROW). Climate Change? ROW. Obama saves banks? ROW. Obama saves the currency? ROW. Jobs? ROW.

    Forgetting what the poster has claimed, Obama has moved clearly away from Marxist solutions. For example, he specifically did not nationalize banks.

    Yet, the poster cannot see what is obvious because he has never been in the corridors of power.

    Blog about what you know, not how you feel today.

  8. @ Manual

    I feel great! I am quite knowledgeable about what I post about. You on the other hand are completely clueless.

    All the Left has been pushing since the 1910s is redistribtion of wealth. It is the main platform of Marxism. And... Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Schumer, etc has said over and over that he want to redistribute the wealth. That is the opposite of freedom and Capitalism.

    Why don't you look that up and try to talk about what you know?