Friday, April 3, 2009

Democrats Disorts Firearm Stats to Ban Assault Weapons

Holder and Clinton in the past few weeks have brought up reinstituing the assault weapon ban. They are using the violence on the border that they have ignored for years until now, because they can use it for their political advantage.

They claim that U.S. are at fault for this violence and that weapons are coming from the U.S. A statistic has been floated that 90% of Mexican weapons come from the U.S.

Again, in order for the Left to have reality fit in their ideology , they must lie and distort facts. Actually, the fact is, only 17 % of guns found at Mexican crime scenes have been traced to the U.S.

They are making this crisis up just as an excuse to take the citizens’ firearms.

Here is the story from Fox News. Also, hat tip Conservative Scalawag.

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  1. There are some notable misrepresentations in your post:

    - "they have ignored for years"

    The Bush administration was in office for the 8 years prior to 1-20-09. It is misleading to move this on to anyone other than Bush.

    - only 17% of guns used "t Mexican crime scenes" are from the US.

    Most people are worried about assault weapons used at American crime scenes. have you been to El Paso, Laredo, and Phoenix?

    Typical of "the party that is out of power for having f-- everything up" your post is one complaint-without-a-solution.

    The solution to the problem of too much violence North of the Border is to provide significant law enforcement capabilities - much like how in the 1990's (guess who was President then) the US took down the Cosa Nostra in NY. It has significantly ratched down their operational effectiveness.

    This costs money and time - significant money.

    You should be more focused on solutions, not hysteria.