Friday, April 3, 2009

Illegal Immigrants are Counted in the Census

Democrats have pushed illegal immigration without any thought of what is does to our infrastructure and public services. Illegal immigration is bankrupting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. It is overwhelming our schools, healthcare systems, and judicial systems. At times, it seems the Left has promoted illegal immigration as a weapon against the American culture that they hate to purposely destroy it.

But, now it now has become apparent why the Democrats have been doing everything they can to encourage illegal immigration and protect them after they get here. In the census, illegal immigrates are included. Yes, that is right, they count and can without being here being a legal resident and can affect how Congressional districts are proportioned.

This redistricting can affect how the party strongholds are divided and can affect Congressional policy. Illegal immigrants can benefit themselves by simply being here and be counted.

To make this even more outrageous, the census bureau is not only going to use ACORN but also other “community organizations” to assist them to properly count everyone. I bet they will be fair and be sure it is done correctly.

Here is another reason we need to fix illegal immigration. We need to enforce the current laws, which we are not. We need to patrol to border, which they do not have enough resources. We need to change the law, so that if you are born here from illegal immigrants you do not become a citizen. We need to deport all violators. It is that simple.

We do this to protect our culture, our society, our citizens, and our nation before it is all gone.

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  1. Of course they are,it is all part of ACORNS and the libs plan to take us to facistism. Rework the congressional districting and stack the deck against everybody eslse,thus seizing control with a shot fired. I believe they call that a bloodless coupe.

  2. So illegal aliens get representation under the Obama administration?

    Our country is speed rocketing to hell in that handbasket the libs have put us in.

  3. That is a very interesting twist on this immigration issue. I agree with you about enforcing our borders and sweeping up illegals to deport them. In fact, I feel we should bring our troops home to enforce our borders. This would solve 2 birds with one stone. It would reduce illegal immigration and strengthen our national security.

  4. Atomic, Locke,

    There has been no change in the census rules regarding legal or illegal immigrants. Obama didn't change the policy, and neither did Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, or the other Bush.

    Further, an illegal immigrant factor is applied to a district to account for variances in the census.

    The census does not (never has) count every person. It doesn't count every address. It counts population indicators: schools, mail routes, etc... and discounts population inflators. For example, would seniors be counted twice because they have homes both in their states and in Florida?

    Next, we don't do generational punishment. We are not N. Korea or Nazi Germany. The crimes of the children are not the crimes of the parent(s).

    Illegal immigrants do not - as a general rule- collect Medicare or Social Security. They would have to produce a unique SSN, which most cannot do. Therefore we have an interesting situation where many illegals pay (when they have a job that takes taxes out) but few collect.

    If you thought about it for a while you'd realize that illegals pay taxes to schools as do any other citizen. If you are a citizen and rent a home, you pay property taxes. You pay it as part of the rent, and the property owner than pays property taxes, the type of taxes that pay for schools.

    Illegals pay rent. They don't get off with free rent.

    Finally, the illegal problem is overblown. The highest estimate of illegals in the US is 20 million. Many suggest it may be 12 million.

    The vast majority are adults, but I'll do the math in the way it favors anti-illegals: 20 million out of 310 million is 6%. ( and 12 million out of 310 million is 3.5%).

    The cost of deporting all of them - which by the way could never be done - would cost easily $1T. Even if it cost half as much, it is still a huge sum.

    I don't appreciate the radical right trying to spend my money so foolishly. Instead, we should reinforce the border and make each of them a citizen. That way we can tax them.

    You guys aren't adverse to wildly spending money any more than Obama is -- it's just that you want it spent on your pet peeves.

    How did that work out for you under Bush and his $6T deficit?

  5. Fools - this was condoned by both Democrats and Republicans as they did nothing in the past decade about illegal immigration... why?... it's so damned simple... they are ALL trying to hang onto their congressional seats. Just look at where sanctuary cities are.. whose seats are higher census numbers going to protect? Think about it.. it's all a grand plan to save congressional seats.