Friday, April 17, 2009

A Letter about the Tea Parties

As I have blogged, I am now becoming much more involved and trying to make a difference. Blogging is not enough. I feel I must act. The first thing I am doing is writing letters to my representatives.

Here is a letter I wrote to ALL of my representatives about the Tea Parties and what they REALLY meant. If you want, borrow some of it or all it. Send it to ALL your representatives.

Here is the letter:

After reading and watching news reports, it is quite obvious that the media did not understand why a solely grassroots protest of nearly a milllion people at over 1,000 Tea Parties gathered all over our nation on April 15th. I want to be sure you do, because it was a peaceful, distinct message to you.

The message was NOT about taxes. This is NOT about Democrats or Republicans. This is NOT about Liberals or Conservatives. This is DEFINITELY NOT about Bush or Obama. The message was that the People, who possess the power of our Republic, are not pleased with how the government (local, state, and federal) is over reaching their power.

The People see the government at all levels not doing what they are permitted to do according to their governing Constitutions or Charters. The People are now exercising their natural rights to employ their power of their own governance. The People run the government, not the government running the People.

This over reaching of power has been slowly going on for decades. We, the People, have been upset about this encroachment of our rights and a growing powerful government, and the tipping point has been crossed. The People are now expressing their disdain for ridiculous, wasteful spending, inevitable high taxes that are on the horizon, unconstitutional laws, out of control governmental agencies, inapt government programs, and on and on.

These feelings are not new and are not Party or ideology centered, but just recently have reached a point that has united the nation. The nation is now motivated to do something about these issues that have always troubled many citizens for decades and have nothing to do with who is leading our government.

Politicians have wanted to unite the divisions in America and the government has just done that with their actions. The People are now united against the government's new soft tyranny and over reaching power. We don't want more government, but less of it intruding to every aspect of our lives. Please take note that this movement is not going away. The People are exercising their natural right to defend their Life, Liberty, and private property.

Please take note that this movement is because of how the government at all levels has over stepped their bounds defined in our Constitutions and Charters. Please revisit what these boundaries, values, and principles are and return to them. The People will appreciate respecting the law and principles of Liberty and America. We, the People, will reward those who express and honestly return to these American principles and admonish those who do not.

The Tea Parties were only the first step. There is much more coming on the horizon. The grassroots groups are forming to take back our Republic. Find the right one that fits you and support them. There groups are going to take back our country from the Left and return it to the "center."


  1. You have been busy.The two articles are very good.Thank you. Would you mind if I linked them or posted the entire article(s) in my two blogs. or this one

    I'm not sure how to use the link feature but suppose it isn't that complicated.Hope is a better word.

  2. I usually amof the opinion that a thing has not been well said, until I have said it, but in this case I don't see a way to improve it.

    Except to get a wider audience if possible.

  3. Great letter. Keep it up!
    Blogging, letter writing, protesting...time for our own version of community organizing.

    KEEP. IT. UP.

  4. Great letter. I will send it to my reps as well. I have been sending them letters frequently lately. They are very liberal so I often wonder if it makes a difference - but we gotta keep at it. I attended a tea party & was so disgusted with the coverage of the parties from the media. CNN is not an American News Station anymore, they stopped being about journalism long ago. They are the start of a socialist media station that is willing to do the bidding of Obama and his socialist agenda.

  5. Amen! They need to hear from us consistantly.

    I hope we can super-organize the 9/12 National Tea Party in DC. Everyone needs to go!

    Please go to National Tes Party Express for info!


  7. Great post and blog. I will link to this post. Proud that there are Patriots like you.

  8. I attended one of the July 4th Tea Parties and it was the best thing I could have done on the 4th.

  9. Blatherings plagiarizes: Have you heard of the ‘GIVE Act’? It’s President Obama’s Mandatory Volunteerism Plan which expands the federal Americorps program. Some say it intends to simply create more democrat party foot soldiers in the socialist Saul Alinsky mode.

    Blatherings: have you heard of The One’s ‘GIVE Act’? it’s a piece of caca legislation that some say intends to create more democrat party foot soldiers in the socialist saul alinsky mode The concept of the ‘Give Act’ also sometimes called the ‘Serve America Act’ is to make every American a volunteer. The technical name of this $6 Billion dollar boondoggle is the ‘Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act’ and you can read the bill here.

    Blatherings: making every american a volunteer. that’s the concept of the ‘give act’. the technical name of the bill is the ‘generations invigorating volunteerism and education act’ and you can read the whole thing here.